Goodnight Manana, 12 x 16
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Goodnight Manana, 12 x 16", Oil on Linen, 2013. Private collection

Goodnight Manana, 12 x 16", Oil on Linen, 2013. Want to find an artist's dream destination for plein air painting? Then make friends with artist Judy Carducci. For a number of years now, Judy has been painting in the footsteps of so many great artists before her and inviting fellow artists to tag along to Monhegan Island, Maine. I spent a week in early September, 2013 with Judy and a dozen or so other artists and friends on this varied and wonderfully paintable island. Our group was only a small group of artist who seek out Monhegan for it’s history and beauty. This painting is of sister island, Manana. There we were, all lined up, catching the rays of the setting sun. Wonderful! Sold

Location: Monhegan Island, Maine.

Keywords: alla prima (225), landscape (177), Maine (12), oil paintings (207), plein air (318).