Gentleman Farmer, 9x6
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Gentleman Farmer, 9x6", Oil on Linen, 2012. Private collection

Gentleman Farmer, 9x6", Oil on Linen, 2012. The model in this painting, as in many of my paintings, is Dave Malin. Dave is one of my favorite models. One reason he is a favorite, is that he owns many handmade costumes. I completed this painting in a workshop hosted by The Woodlands’ Art League in The Woodlands, Texas. Master artist Rob Liberace taught the workshop. The main thing I learned over the course of the transformative one week workshop was the value of edges. I think the effective use of edges is one of the elements that takes an artist's work from technically good to artistically moving. Sold

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: figurative (102), male (63), oil paintings (207), portrait (114).