Sunroom Floral, 6x9
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Still Life

Sunroom Floral, 6x9", oil on panel, 2015. Private collection

Sunroom Floral, 6x9", oil on panel, 2015. This little still life is a plein air, of sorts. It was raining outside, so I painted some flowers I had collected from an earlier walk. I set them up in the sunroom of the house we were renting with my extended family over the Memorial Day weekend. I love these weekends. A family tradition with my husband's family going back to his childhood. I guess it's a small sign of the freedom we enjoy, that our Memorial Day weekends can be spent free from fear and with our family in such simple pursuits. Sold

Location: Lake Palestine, Texas.

Keywords: floral (24), oil painting (171), plein air (318), still life (78).