Trio, 24x30
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Trio, 24x30", oil on linen, 2015. Available

Trio, 24x30", oil on linen, 2015. On the way home from the Women Painting Women -Texas show in Georgetown, Texas. I was driving along a particularly scenic route and stopped to take photos of a field of cattle in the setting sun. A rancher who was driving by stopped to make sure I wasn’t broken down. The explanation that I was an artist taking photos got me a very accommodating invite to his ranch and I took over a hundred photos of cattle, horses, fields and streams before the light disappeared. I used the horses in one photo and the cloud arrangement in another to get the composition I wanted...I have an open invite to stop by his ranch anytime! I think I'll take him up on that! Available

Location: Georgetown, Texas.

Keywords: alla prima (225), horses (3), landscape (177), oil painting (171), texas (33).