Ain't That America, 6 x 12
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Ain't That America, 6 x 12", Oil on Linen, 2013. Private collection

Ain't That America, 6 x 12", Oil on Linen, 2013. Old Town Spring is a town of shops, galleries, and restaurants. I painted this scene one morning in June before the temperature got too hot. There was a train track to my back. I can still bring to mind the rumble and screech of the cars as they passed. Once, a young man in the engine poked his head out the window and asked to see what I was working on. I pivoted my easel to accommodate his request. Painting in a public space makes an artist an automatic attraction. A passerby will approach an artist, look over their shoulder, ask questions and make conversation. Some will even offer unsolicited critique and the cheeky ones will walk into the scene to indicate they should be included in the painting.


Location: Old Town Spring, Spring, Texas.

Keywords: alla prima (225), landscape (201), plein air (348).

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