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16 x 20” oil on linen, 2024. Available from the Artist $3600

I started painting the historic tall ship Elissa early in the quiet morning. Apparently, I drew quite a crowd at the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant once the lunch crowd arrived. One of the servers told me they were afraid I didn’t know what I was doing when all I had laid in was the mass of tonal darks where all that rigging is. Since I wasn’t award I was doing a “demo,” I didn’t get to explain that I would pull out all the shapes of the beams and rigging by painting it the sky holes. 🙌 They just had to go on feeling sorry for me until I worked it out. 🤩

And guess what!? It won Best in Show! Many thanks to the juror Thomas Kitts for thinking highly enough of the painting to give it that award!

(832) 316-3363 - suzie@suziebaker.com