Day in the Life, 18x24
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Day in the Life, 18x24", oil painting on linen panel, 2018. Sold

Day in the Life, 18x24", oil on linen panel, 2018. Sold. When I travel to various plein air events around the country I am not quite a tourist or a local. I feel connected to a place beyond what I would if I were sight-seeing and I am often afforded access to locations on private property that represent the fabric of a community. This painting, for example, is from a dairy farm in Cordova, Maryland and was painted during Plein Air Easton. Because of its size, 18x24" - a large one for me to complete en plein air, I had to visit the location a few times to finish the painting. Abiding in one spot for so many hours makes me feel connected to a location in a meditative way. I happy to report, this painting won the "Life on the Farm" award and was purchased, along with other paintings, by a group of non-profits who are building a collection to tour the sate and to celebrate Marylands agricultural roots with a goal to eventually hang the paintings will hang in the MD Statehouse.

Location: Cordova, Maryland.

Keywords: 2018 (21), easton (39), oil painting (246), plein air (348).

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