Generations, oil on linen, 6x12
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Generations, oil on linen, 6x12", 2015. Available

Generations, oil on linen, 6x12", 2015. This plein air painting is from a day hike while backpacking in the Sierras with other artists. The title represents the passage of time in the age and conditions of the trees. Being surrounded, as we were, by nothing but majestc wilderness, it was hard not to place myself into context in the grand scheme of things. Most of what I observed will be around longer that I will, mountians, streams and trees. I am blessed to enjoy them for a while. I hiked into the Sierras from Mammoth Lakes to Garnet Lake with six other artists. Artists Paul Kratter, Bill Cone, Lori Putnam, Carol Marine, Aimee Erickson and Ernesto Nemesio were terrific painters and even better companions. Available

Location: Garnet Lake, California.

Keywords: 2015 (60), alla prima (207), garnet lake (12), hiking (12), landscape (183), oil painting (246), painting (150), sierras (18), Suzie (12).

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