Sky, Land and Ocean
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
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Sky, Land and Ocean

16x20", oil on linen panel. Sold

Painted during the Maui Plein Air Invitational, 2019.

The scene in this painting stopped me in my tracks, Maui, Feb 16 at 5:15pm. I jumped out of my rental car, set up my easel and 16x20 canvas, toned in a warm ocher color, massed in the dark tree line and threw in the sloping mountain and pink clouded sky as fast as I could.


The scene was so marvelous and gone within 45 minutes. I didn’t get through it all but I got enough to capture the most transient light so that I could return to finish with another pass.

I arrived at the same time the next day to finish the foreground and tweak what I had previously painted.

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