Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Past Works


8 x 10", oil on canvas, 2008. Sold.

This painting of two pomegranates is one of a series of traditional still life paintings I did in 2008. One of the challenges in oil painting is learning how to edit the information you see before you to only what is needed to describe an object. This can be particularly difficult on complex subjects such as the top of the cut pomegranate.

Rembrandt was particularly masterful at this and could indicate an earring or lace collar with a few well placed, minimal strokes. I worked to achieve similar results in the handle of the knife and top right, highlight of the blade. Additionally, the human eye will complete an implied object, as in the roundness of the uncut pomegranate in the back. Even though the shadow side disappears completely into the background, the viewer's eye will complete the shape.

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