Island Fuel
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Past Works

Island Fuel

12 x 16", oil on linen panel, 2015. Sold.

I found this spot on Balboa Island, Newport Beach, California. When you take the Balboa Island Ferry at the end of Agate Avenue and look to your right, you will see this little fueling station. The subject matter is not beautiful, nor nostalgic for many, but rather it is simply a moment in work-a-day life to which many islanders can relate. The primary colors in the view appealed to me. The yellow platform, blue boat and red machinery arranged themselves into a triangle.

The right, vertical edge of the triangle runs along the line of the 5th that falls in the golden section. I angled the wave shapes in the water to break up the static horizontals of the main elements and used a circular composition strategy with the two main vertical structures to bring the eye out then back in and around the image. This technical information is all stuff that artists think about but hopefully go unnoticed to the average viewer, who we hope simply linger a while to look and take in the view.

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