Make Lemonade
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Past Works

Make Lemonade

6 x 6", oil on canvas, 2013. Sold.

This painting of a simple bowl of lemons with a knife was a demonstration I did for my still life, oil painting, students. I was demonstrating a few different concepts here. One is that by changing the vantage point of a painting you can have a more contemporary still life. T

he top down view and square format of this painting make it more modern than a traditional table top, side view, painting of the same elements.

Compositionally, this painting breaks a few rules too. Normally, it is not advisable to put an element right in the corner, as in the placement of the cut lemon. Here, though, the rule is broken effectively.

The visual weight of the lemons in the bowl keep your eye from getting stuck in the corner, and the strong shadow of the knife pull the eye back to the curve of the bowl.

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