Telluride Gold
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Past Works

Telluride Gold

10 x 30" oil on linen panel, 2016.

I chose this painting as my artists choice painting for the 2016 Telluride Plein Air Festival. I have painted this view before at sunrise but not in this new horizontal format I wanted to try out. I found myself regularly using a 1x2 format at plein air shows, but this is the first show I have pushed that idea into a longer thinner format. I brought both 10x30" and 6x30" blank panels with me along with some custom frames built for me by my friend and fellow artist Dave Malin.

I like the potential of this format and will continue using it for future events. 6x6" Paintings, While at the 2016 Telluride Plein Air Festival, I painted little 6x6" quick paintings - or as I like to think of them, KISS - aka, Keep It Simple Stupid, paintings. These oils painted on shellacked birch panels made for fun little segues between larger plein air pieces. They are relaxing to paint, and an added bonus, they disappear like soap bubbles once they are available to sell.

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