Alex, 20x 16
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Alex, 20x 16", Oil on Linen, 2011. Available

Alex, 20x 16", Oil on Linen, 2011. This is a painting of Alex painted in an alla prima style during a workshop with Clayton Beck III, hosted by The Woodlands' Art League in The Woodlands, Texas. I learned a great deal from this workshop about values and color temperature relative to the temperature of the light. I also learned that color is only warm or cool relative to the colors around it. This concept was repeated again by Judy Carducci in a recent workshop. Green isn’t necessarily warm and blue cool, it’s all relative to what those colors are compared to. Clayton studied with master painter Richard Schmidt in whose book I read about the warning to not "lick" your painting. "Licking" your painting is what an artist does when they are not sure of what do, but they continue to touch their brush to the canvas hoping that something miraculous will happen. To avoid this Clayton would ask, "When was the last time you put your brush down?" Something I admire in other artists, and something I try to achieve in my own work, is the preception that the artist used confident accurate strokes, left them in place, and then moved on with an easy fluid motion. Like an Olympic figure skater gliding over ice, the technique looks simple until you strap on skates and learn the wobbly truth. Available

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: alla prima (207), figurative (102), male (63), oil paintings (198), portrait (114).

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