Midsummer, 28x18
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Midsummer, 28x18", Oil on Linen, 2011. Private collection

Midsummer, 28x18", Oil on Linen, 2011. The model for this painting is Katie, pictured here at 11. Katie arrived home from a day of play with a garland of vine crowning her head. She was an inspiration walking through the door. The painting captures that magical time between childhood and adolescence--a time when it’s still acceptable to make-believe. This is a great age to paint children in general. It is also a fleeting time worth of commemoration. They still have the rounded face of youth and a natural mouth before braces. Katie’s eyes show both ease and the beginning of boredom, which is also descriptive of her age. The painting title, "Midsummer," eludes to both the summer day in which it was painted and Shakespeare's play of nymphs and fairies, "Midsummer Night’s Dream." Sold

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: child (6), figurative (102), oil paintings (198), portrait (114).

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