Nobility, 40x28
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Nobility, 40x28", Oil on Linen, 2012. Available

Nobility, 40x28", Oil on Linen, 2012. This painting is of a homeless man standing under the Main Street Bridge in Houston, Texas. When my son David was fourteen, he captured this photograph on one of his several trips to this depressed area of Houston. David was working with members of his church, bringing food to the homeless, when he came upon this male subject. David thought he looked interesting and asked to photograph the subject as part of a high school art project.  I was captivated by the photograph and decided to create a painting as a complement to my son’s image of this homeless man. This subject’s regal stance is in counterpoint to his situation and makes an important statement to the intrinsic value of even the most downtrodden in our society. The lighting further emphasizes this point. I usually use vibrant colors in my paintings. However, for this portrait I used an earthy, muted pallet to further represent his lifestyle. This painting was a finalist in the "2013 Oil Painters of America, National Exhibition." Available

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: figurative (102), male (63), oil paintings (198), portrait (114).

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