The Five Senses, 22x28
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Still Life

The Five Senses, 22x28", Oil on Canvas, 2012. Available

The Five Senses, 22x28", Oil on Canvas, 2012. I painted this still life after an inspirational visit to The Museum of Fine Arts Houston where I saw some 17th-century Dutch paintings representing the senses. This painting is my own representation of the five senses. Sight is represented by the books and mirror, smell by the flowers and cut lemon, which also represents taste. Sound is indicated with the bells and violin. Finally, touch is represented in the weave of the Persian rug contrasted with the smooth vase and mirror. I further accentuated the tactile aspect of touch with a thick application of paint on the weave, knots, and fringe of the rug and lemon. Available

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: floral (24), oil paintings (198), still life (78).

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