Floral with Green, 12x9
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Still Life

Floral with Green, 12x9", Oil on Linen, 2012. Private collection

Floral with Green, 12x9", Oil on Linen, 2012. Peter Jones, one of my painting professor at Louisiana Tech University, assigned us an exercise in class. We were to paint like Manet. If I were to quote him exactly, there would have been a goofy little pun about painting with “mayonnaise." With our paint pallet loaded with color and brushes at the ready, we were to paint a simple still life, start to finish in thirty minutes. This particular day, so many years ago, was a watershed moment for me in my progression as a painter. The experience of seeing, responding to and recording what I saw forced my analytical, overly cautious, left brain to abandon me and allowed my creative, right brain to take over. Lest this sound too magical, I have a disclaimer. The reason this exercise was effective was that prior to this assignment, we had been through multiple classes in, drawing, color theory, composition and design as well as, hour upon hour of painting instruction and practice. I think this one exercise was meant to be the tipping point from technical painting into intuitive painting. So thanks, Peter Jones, for the excellent lessons...and corny puns!


Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: floral (24), oil paintings (198), still life (78).

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