Home Grown, 10x10
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Still Life

Home Grown, 10x10", Oil on Linen, 2015. Available

Home Grown, 10x10", Oil on Linen, 2015. This little painting was done over Memorial Day weekend with my family. The kids, their cousins and my husband were out boating, Mimi was working a puzzle (with occasional help from the rest of the family). Aunt Emily and Uncle Joey were out for a hike, Pop’s was watching the NASCAR race on TV and I was painting these great onions from the little Mom-n-Pop grocery store around the corner. They were from the garden of a local and I got one of the last few batches of the season. Lucky me! Available

Location: Palestine, Texas.

Keywords: alla prima (207), oil paintings (198), plein air (333), still life (78), vegetables (24).

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