Little Sprouts, 8x10
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Still Life

Little Sprouts, 8x10", Oil on Canvas, 2008. Private collection

Little Sprouts, 8x10", Oil on Canvas, 2008. I lived in Bahrain, in the Middle East for two years. We arrived in August to broiling temperatures. Not knowing anyone yet, I spent a good bit of time in my studio painting local produce. Close to my home, there was a produce market. This onion and garlic had sprouted which was interesting since we don't see much of that in the grocery stores in the states. I scooped them up and made this simple arrangement with the garlic leaning relationally on the onion. They make a nice couple. Sold

Location: Houston, Texas.

Keywords: fruits (21), oil paintings (198), still life (78), vegetables (24).

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