Telluride Remains of the Day
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
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Telluride Remains of the Day

12 x 36", oil on linen panel, 2018. Sold.

I have painted the Valley Floor in Telluride in nearly every light imaginable, from rainy and grey to sunset and golden.

This painting took some planning. Sunset is an especially beautiful and fleeting time of day. In addition to the warm alpenglow, I wanted to catch that time of half-light in which the shadow of the earth slides up the mountain and dispels the light.

To do this en plein air, I scouted the precise location the evening before, noted the time of day that matched my vision, planned the composition, and toned the canvas to support the overall feel of the painting.

Thus prepared, I was able to set up the next day an hour or so before that magic moment and paint the supporting shadow areas until the setting sun rays warmed the mountains. At that point, I quickly laid in that captivating, ephemeral light before the night overtook it.

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