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Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews Suzie Baker , Michele Byrne, Jane Hunt, and Christine Lashley for the PleinAir Art Podcast.

In September, four plein air painters took a trip together to Paris to paint. They've joined Eric Rhoads on this episode of the Plein Air Podcast to discuss their amazing trip, the importance of making time for oneself and also socializing, and much more. Listen or watch the full interview by clicking on the image above.

Find the full article on the trip with tips for traveling with your painting buddies here.

Plein Air Magazine Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Suzie Baker Interview

Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews Suzie Baker for the PleinAir Art Podcast.

Baker and her work can be seen at a large number of plein air events. Learn what she says are the pros and cons of having a busy schedule as an artist, and how she keeps track of it all. She also talks about how she and her husband moved to the Middle East, which was “like hitting a reset button” in her life. From there, she planned painting trips with other women and painted outdoors in places such as India.

Once they moved back to the U.S., she continued painting outdoors and eventually (and joyfully) discovered the plein air community through the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association. At that point she came to know professional plein air painters and see their amazing works, which have set the bar high. She asked herself, “What’s between me and that bar, and how do I get there?”

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