Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Still Waters, 10x30
Spring Watertfall, 16x20
Sanctuary, Jefferson Island Rookery, 10x30
Log Built Boat, 10x30
Alpenglow, 12x9
Waihee Ridge Trail View, 8x10
Sandal Maker, The Gentle Art, 16x20
Orient/Santa Fe Line, oil on panel, 12x16
Renault Rouge 2, oil on linen panel, 9x12
Morning Flight at Avery Island, 16x20
Rain Over Lanai, 5x7
Leimomi, 18x14
Jim McVicker Painting on Canoe Beach, Maui, 10x12
Honolua Bay, 8x24
Good Morning Laguna, 10x30
Twinkle Lights, oil on linen panel, 12x12
Above it All, 16x20
Meditation, 12x16
Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys, 12x24

This gallery showcases a representative sampling of studio and plein air paintings by Houston-area artist, Suzie Baker. If you'd like to purchase and available painting or hire Suzie for a custom landscape painting please Contact Suzie with additional project information!

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