Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Sea and Earth and Cloud-Strewn Sky
Bay City Boat Dock
Better Days
Cool Reflecting Warm on Middle Prong Little River
Whites Landing, BYC Station
Past, Present, and Future
Artist View
Winds Escorting the Clouds, Yaki Point
All in the Family
Provisions and Traildust
Lautenbach Cherries
Telluride in Streaming Rays
Moran Point
Night Lights
Ferry Morning
Whatever Way the Wind Blows
Rhythm Practice
Black's Island View from Above
Sunday Painters
East Point Cloudscape
Sunrise Atlanta
Park Avenue Bridge
Elkmont Bridge 2022
Dappled Paint
Telluride Plein Air Festival
Fishing Hole
Boot-Maker for 43 Years
Veil of Morning
Colorado Ranch
Brasstown Falls
Captured Light
There and Back Again
Best Day Ever
Backs to the Sun
Jogging Home Decatur
Aspens in Deep Greens and Blues
Brahma and Zoroaster
Clouds and Canyon
Day in the Life
First Guard
Grand Canyon Steam
Last Dollar Aspens
Mammoth Hot Springs
Old Faithful
Orient/Santa Fe Line
Rain Over Lanai
Renault Rouge 2
Sister Lorraine Overseeing the Repairs
Summer Straw
Telluride Remains of the Day
Under the Falls, Yosemite
Scarlette's View
Sunrise Service
Laguna Brilliance
Canyon and Cloud Strewn Sky with Zoroaster and Brahma
Ada Vision
Touched with Gold
Winding Road
South Oakes Glow
High and Dry
Artist Dan Marshall, Painting on Main Beach
Lahaina Harbor
US Open Lawn Bowling, Laguna
Mary’s Vision, Desert View Watchtower
Sunrise Balboa
Snowflake Springs
Gathering at the Flower Farm
Salinas in Golden Light
Atlanta Nocturne with Hazy Sky
Long View East Point
Tucked in for the Evening
Into the Light
Canyon Light Show
Old Red
Elkmont Bridge 2
Home Lights
The Observers
Long View
Virginia Meadows
Stars and Stripes on 57
Pines and Palms
Rigging Sunny
Early Fall Color on Sparks Lane in the Smokies
Moon and Memories
Elkmont Bridge - Troll Bridge
View of Eastern Bay
All that Glitters is Not Gold
Bayou Glow
Horsetail Falls, Yosemite
Eagle Bluff
Fisherman’s Wharf
Faithful Morning
How’d Ya Like Them Apples
Last Few Moments Telluride
Little Green Boat
Morning Glow
Morning Glow
Neunhoffer Morning
Rayland Baxter at the Sheridan Opera House
Rote Tur
Sky, Land and Ocean
Sunset, Moonrise
The Last Few Moments
Valley Floor
Welcome to Telluride
Oyster and Owl
Harmony in Greens
Demo - Rockport Workshop
Casino Glow
Wrigley’s Vision
Hopi Glow
Sycamore Sun and Shadow
NIght Street Car on Saint Charles, Audubon Park
Reflective Blues
Along the Yellowstone
Gallatin Glow
Yaki Point Through the Trees
Golden Hour, Hyalite Reservoir
Hyalite Reservoir
Two of a Kind
Wetland Reflections
Avenue E
Resin Tree, Eastpoint
Rooted Deep
Sun and Sand
Morning Glow on Middle Prong Little River
San  Angelo Brilliance
Oysters and Owl
Mill at El Rancho de las Golondrinas
Waiting at Wilsons
Glory of Yellowstone
Rock Fall
Fountainhead Mission Viejo Bridge
Telluride Deep Greens and Blues
Valley Floor Passages
QuickPaint Door County
The Wind is Passing Through
Backlit Boats
Alpenglow Telluride
Sunset Wander
Concho Spring Reflections
A Negative View on Saloons
Calamity Rides Again
Facing the Sun
Gateway to the Canyon
Harvey was Here
In Her Arms
Last Light
Log Built Boat
Morning Mist
Old Timer
Paint a Memory
Remains of the Day
Sanctuary, Jefferson Island Rookery
Spring Waterfall
Telluride Last Light
The Long and the Short of It
View Out Back
Winding Road
In Good Standing
Beachcombers and Bootleggers
Avalon Moonrise
Green Pier Moonrise