Self Portrait
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
Past Works

Self Portrait

20 x 16", Oil on Linen, 2012. Sold.

This is a self portrait, one of the few I have painted. It was painted for my family in Canada. It hangs alongside an image I did of my brother Alex. I don’t know about other artists, but painting a good self portrait is rather difficult. Whether because of vanity or an uncooperative model, many artists I know groan at their self portraits with the same self loathing usually reserved for a DMV photo.

I am coming to terms with this painting in the same way that a DMV photo becomes better with age. In other words, I age but the photo does not. Then, suddenly, the photo is not so hideous anymore. This was painted in front of a mirror in my studio in Shenandoah, Texas.

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