Test of Time, Antique Roses in Pewter Carafe
Suzie Baker, Fine Artist
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Test of Time, Antique Roses in Pewter Carafe

6 x 9", oil on linen, 2013. Sold.

These delicate roses are from the climbing rose bush just outside my kitchen window. We bought the rose bush in a gallon container at the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, Texas over sixteen years ago. Now that little guy has grown up and over an eight foot tall trellis. Every spring it puts on a terrific show of prolific blooms.

The show is over for this year, but I still get some late bloomers bending over the trellis to peek in my kitchen window. The pink visitors make dish duty a bit more tolerable. I just trimmed some leggy bits and brought in these cuttings for a painting. I placed them in is an Old Holland Pewter Carafe I purchased from a junk store in Fredericksburg, Texas. I guess you could say this painting is a Texas, Hill Country, homage...

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